Custom Jersey: FAQ's & Details

This is an ever-evolving portion of our website that will grow with our customer needs.   We are a small company that will continue to perfect its practices with each and every order we process. 



EASY. You will receive an email from us within 24 business hours with a link to download and print a prepaid shipping label for your jersey(s) to ship to us for customization.

How big is the name/number? How high? How low? DETAILS!!!

This is where we really try to simplify the process yet we need a little bit of trust from our customers. We do not specify these details because there are entirely too many variables to consider. 

Sizes: Kids Toddler 4 to a Men's XXXL - We will not offer a one size fits all approach.  We want you happy.

Brands - Too many to count! They all cut, sew and design their jerseys differently.  

We will use our judgment to give you the best look while being mindful of seams, designs, etc. that can affect both the look and durability of your customization. 

Our goal 100% of the time is to produce a long lasting great looking product for your competition behind you to admire. 

Keep your jersey ALIVE!!! While looking great, of coarse.

The process used to customize an existing jersey is in way of heat transfer vinyl.  This is a vinyl that is designed to adhere to your existing jersey.  Being that it is not ink sublimated into the fabrics it is possible that your transfers may peel.  This is why you want to properly care for your custom jersey(s).  Follow these steps to prolong the life of your custom jersey(s) as best as possible. 

1. Turn your jersey inside out before washing

2. DO NOT use harsh detergents

3. Wash on delicate cycle in cold water

4. Hang dry 

From our experience, this is your best chance at keeping that jersey looking tag popping new. 

Warranty, Guarantees, Promises, Claims

Here at Basement Customs, we are not trying to pull a fast one on you.  We want to leave a lasting impression on every customer we interact with.  That is why we want to be transparent with you and make you aware there is no official guarantee, warranty or any of those fancy feel good promises on our custom jersey heat transfers. There are entirely too many variables to offer such a promise and we are not fans of making promises that can not be kept.  With that being said one thing we can promise is to try our best at keeping every single one of our customers satisfied with our products. In other words, help me help you! 

We will end this with, contact us! Email us with questions, comments, concerns, and digital high fives. We will respond and tend to whatever you throw our way. 

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The Basement Customs Team