HOW TO: Custom Fonts via

You've decided that you wanted more... more options, more creative freedom, more customization.  Welcome! Let us warn you before you descend down this rabbit hole that this is likely going to consume you and your time as you become exposed to THOUSANDS of options. If this sounds daunting, turn back now and head to our Standard option which is still very custom but we keep it EASY. 

How to: 

Follow these steps and check out URL to the video link that simplifies this as much as possible.  This is not a difficult process, it is just very tough to make your decision. 

Before you move forward:

You need to know that we have restrictions on what fonts are eligible.  If the font is too "busy" too many little details we will have to deny your request. Example:

No go

How to Video

This will make it as easy as possible - please watch: Click Here

 YouTube Custom Font Options

The Steps

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Choose your Font(s) - You can choose one for the name and one for the number if you would like to do so OR use one for both

Step 3: Copy URL for Font and Paste into URL space on EasyCustomJerseys

Copy and Paste Font URL

Step 4: Finish your order process